A solution for clinical studies management

K@molo is a complete web-based system to cover all operative tasks related to all data management processes (data entry, data inconsistency detection, typo error detection, audit trail record, real time reporting and graphs, users and sites/facilities administration, study documentation storage and internal messenger).

Data Management
Global flow chart

Video demostration


The main idea is to standardize all issues related to data management process using the advantage of the web-based and internet technology. The result of the above characteristics plus our experience in clinical study conduct generated a powerful on-line tool where the study data are safe, free of inconsistencies, available according to security levels and easy to use by any research team around the world with an Internet connection

K@molo is made up by a set of modules which are easily adapted to each study specification from the protocol. During the software development phase the current international regulations (i.e. FDA 21 CFR part 11) and practical concepts were taken into account to obtain a friendly interface and good performance in site where Internet connection is poor.